Use games and promote your business – Rent A Game!

A game is a great way to promote your brand and product, but an expensive solution – until now. Forget about games developed at great cost for a single occasion, now everyone can use the games on the Rent A Game platform to expand their business.

Products and business
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many games
brand awarness
Awareness through entertainment
Lead generation
lead generation
Demographic controlled
Customer survey
customer survey
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Data collection
data collection
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Launch a Rent A Game in 3 easy steps:

  • Select and rent the game
    From our list of games.
  • Customize the game
    Through our game designer you can, among other things, choose other pictures and sounds or upload your own.
  • Launch the game
    The game is ready to be used immediately – to the stimulation of both audience and business.

Use games in your campaigns and become one of the winners today!

Add games to your campaign and use the demographic data to guide people to your site or store and increase your business. Use the e-mail addresses to send out special offers and newsletters.

Now online marketing is fun and easy – All games works on both mobile devices and computers.